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The story of St. Luke’s Church is one of a faithful beginning.  There were nineteen men, women and children, who sought to begin a congregation built on the foundation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, particularly expressed in the character of the Gospel written by the physician Luke, St. Luke.

In the Gospel of St. Luke, the message extended a wide invitation or call to salvation.  There were no apparent restraints placed on who God was calling to salvation.  The Gospel of St. Luke’s is filled with many instances of Jesus call to salvation included women, children, and men; the poor and the rich; the educated and the uneducated; the physically, the mentally, and the emotionally healthy as well as those who were un-healthy.

With this understanding of salvation, in 1983, these nineteen individuals met each Tuesday night for worship and Bible Study in the different homes of the group, especially the homes of the older members who live in the Georgetown community of Jackson, MS.  This is the same community where the Faith Presbyterian Church originated decades earlier. 

The group studied the books of Ezra and Nehemiah. These two books that gave accounts of God’s people called to rebuild not only the Temple in Jerusalem but rebuild true worship to the only true and living God.

In 1984 the group of nineteen, after months of collaboration, was granted, by the Presbytery of Mississippi the status of “Mission”.  At this point the group took on the official name of St. Luke’s Presbyterian Mission-USA.  After continuous growth the mission moved to one of two storefront locations.  The first was in the Hico Shopping Center on Forest Avenue.  With continue growth the St. Luke’s Mission moved again.  St. Luke’s Mission moved to Beasley Road, (Jackson, MS), into a former convenient store.  At this site, it added a double-wide portable building that was secured from a defunct Presbyterian Church on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. 

In 1986 at the Beasley Road location, the St. Luke’s Presbyterian Mission was officially chartered as a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America.  It was no longer, St. Luke’s Presbyterian  Mission, it was now  St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church in the United States of America.

The original group of nineteen people along with the evangelist and now pastor, the Reverend Dr.  Theophilus C. King, PhD, marked the new beginning as a church string to be of One Heart, One Mind saying the same thing, Jesus is Lord of All!

Reverend King left the pastorate of St. Luke’s Church in 1989.  Several ministers served St. Luke’s over the years from 1989 through 2007.  In 2009, the evangelizing minister and first pastor, Reverend Dr. Theophilus C King, returned to St. Luke’s Church and is presently serving as pastor.

St. Luke’s: One Heart, One Mind Saying the Same Thing, Jesus is Lord!

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St. Luke's Presbyterian Church in the United States of America

260 Presto Lane

Jackson, MS  39206

601-259-6325 cell

601-981-0381 church​

One Heart, One Mind Saying the Same Thing,

Jesus is Lord

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